Our Products


Among its various services, our company produces leather and textile aircraft seat covers, side panels and leather inserts, tables, partitions, curtains, carpets.


Aircraft Seat Components

  • Leather Dress covers
  • Fabric Dress covers
  • Headrest covers (Antimacassar)
  • Cushion Fire-blocking Covers
  • Seat Support Assemblies
  • Seat Pouch Assemblies
  • Seat Strap Assemblies
  • Seat Leather Armrest Assemblies
  • Seat Maintenance Covers

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Aircraft Interiors Components

  • Class Divider Curtains
  • Bulkhead Pockets
  • Wheelchair Bags
  • Blankets(Custom)
  • Pillow Cases(Custom)
  • Sheets(Custom)

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Associated Engineering Services

  • Design Engineering and Development
  • Certification Engineering
  • DOA EO approval and coordination
  • Flammability Testing
  • Documentation preparation and release (EO, SB, Technical Specifications, Test Plan and Report, 2D Production drawings)
  • Raw materials suppliers selection and procurement(i.e. fabric, leather, FBL)
  • Stocking Program (i.e. raw materials or finished parts)
  • Outgoing Certification (FAA 8130's)
  • Spare Parts and Product Support

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